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Adam Kane Macchia, born in 1979, grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY. His photographic experience in NYC began in 2008 assisting with C. Taylor Crothers.  Taylor's work shooting some of the top real estate in the city inspired a love of interiors and design.  Soon after, Adam began assisting with Eric Piasecki to explore the art of interior photography.  Capturing a beautifully designed space has become Adam's most gratifying experience in his work.  He loves discovering new places, meeting new people and has enjoyed fantastic collaborations with clients such as:

The New York Times, Luxe Interiors, Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Digest, NYC&G, Westchester Magazine, Baxt Ingui Architects, BHDM Design, AvroKo, The Crown Restaurant Group, The Gotham Organization, The Carlton Hotel, Hilton Hotels and The Garden City Hotel

Currently, Adam lives in Huntington Station, NY with his wife Jenny, and his children Leo and Dorothea.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Tel: 646-413-2435

Instagram: @macchiaphoto

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A photo blog by Adam Macchia

Calatrava in NYC

Santiago Calatrava’s transportation hub at the World Trade Center has been scrutinized and critiqued from many angles.  I needed to check it out for myself and I can tell you that it is easy to be awed by the massive white interior with its arching ceiling of steel and glass.  For better or worse, NYC has a major new landmark and it will be interesting to see how our feelings change toward it over the years.

Spring in the West Village

I spent a few hours walking around the west village as a rainy day cleared into a bright sunshine.  Wet cobble stone streets and flowering trees will get me every time.

Charleston, SC

Over the weekend I made my first visit to Charleston and although I didn’t have a lot of time for photography, I did get a chance to take in some of the fantastic architecture.  I brought along my infrared camera to make some black and white photos, hoping to enhance some of the mystery of the place.  Its a great town to walk in as all the beautiful homes are built right up to the road and each has its own flair.  Thanks for taking a look.

Newtown Creek Digester Eggs

After seeing these egg shaped structures in aerial images of New York, I had to go check them out on the ground.  They are part of the wastewater treatment facility at Newtown Creek.  The steel clad eggs were designed by Ennead Architects and completed in 2010.  For more info, here is the page from


400 Park Ave South

I went to visit this new building on Park ave south and 28th St. designed by Christian de Portzamparc.  I watched the light sparkle off the glass and was continually surprised by new angles.   Hanging out while the lunch crowd swirls around Nomad is always fun as well.  Thanks for taking a look.

Calvary Cemetery

Wandering around this cemetery in Long Island city, Queens was enchanting.  It was the perfect, cold winter afternoon with the clouds bearing down and the sun struggling to find a way to break through.  I loved the contrasts I found between the city elements like cranes and buildings and the tombstones.  But, I think my favorite moments were standing in front of amazing spindly trees and weathered statues.  In New York, we don’t have many touristed graveyards like in Paris or Buenos Aires, but this is definitely worth a visit.


VIA 57 West

Via 57 West is the newest building on 57th St to make a splash on the NY scene.  It is designed by Bjarke Ingels to be a mix between a European courtyard building and a Manhattan skyscraper.  I went to check it out the other day and came back with a few images, but the ground floor is still entirely under construction.  I will be back in the summer for sure.

The Whitney

I am happy I had a chance to spend some time looking at the Renzo Piano designed Whitney Museum of American Art.  What I loved about photographing this building is that the four facades are completely unique and asymmetrical.  As I walked around I kept running into different shapes and patterns of light.   The juxtaposition to the meatpacking warehouse next door was also a great contrast.   Congratulations to the Whitney on their new home.  I will definitely be back to see some art soon!


A very interesting Salt Shed

Dattner Architects in association with WXY has come up with a very cool way to store salt for the streets of Tribeca in NYC.   I had to go check it out and grab a few images.  For more, here is a link to an article in the NY Times:

1 Bryant Park Portfolio

After some recent shooting, I noticed that I had interesting perspectives of 1 Bryant Park or the Bank of America Tower, located on 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in NYC.  While capturing views from a neighboring building, I was about two-thirds the way up the tower, this gave me the perfect view of the middle of the building.  Knowing I had the aerials from a flight back in 2013, I went out and did a session of ground photography.  Looking at the three perspectives together give a cool take on the building as if it is a tree in the rain forest, revealing a different world from top to bottom.  I especially tried to show the intense activity on the ground at this very busy corner of the city, but I will resist comparing us to ants crawling along the forest floor  : – )  Thanks for taking a look!