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Adam Kane Macchia, born in 1979, grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY. His photographic experience in NYC began in 2008 assisting with C. Taylor Crothers.  Taylor's work shooting some of the top real estate in the city inspired a love of interiors and design.  Soon after, Adam began assisting with Eric Piasecki to explore the art of interior photography.  Capturing a beautifully designed space has become Adam's most gratifying experience in his work.  He loves discovering new places, meeting new people and has enjoyed fantastic collaborations with clients such as:

The New York Times, Luxe Interiors, Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Digest, NYC&G, Westchester Magazine, Baxt Ingui Architects, BHDM Design, AvroKo, The Crown Restaurant Group, The Gotham Organization, The Carlton Hotel, Hilton Hotels and The Garden City Hotel

Currently, Adam lives in Huntington Station, NY with his wife Jenny, and his children Leo and Dorothea.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Tel: 646-413-2435

Instagram: @macchiaphoto

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A photo blog by Adam Macchia

AD Russia

In the midst of a difficult year, it was really fun to see a photo shoot I did in 2019 with Kirill Istomin make the cover of AD Russia in October. The project is a loft in the flatiron district of Manhattan. Kirill and his team were amazing to work with as well as Sean Yasher who brought me on the project and helped with styling.

Covid Diary

My family and I have been very fortunate to have a home in Vermont to shelter in during the pandemic. We arrived on March 16th while winter still held a firm grip. Since then, the changing season has been my greatest focus and pleasure. The slow, steady pace of spring has really helped me to remain calm among the stressful news updates and all the doubt about what will happen to our lives and livelihoods. I have also recently turned to the natural world to process feelings about the murder of George Floyd and our collective fight for racial equality. I am very grateful for this time to listen to the voices out there fighting for a better society and am determined to carry them forward through my life. Without doubt, this spring will be looked back on as a tumultuous but important period in our history. These photos are a tiny part of that story but will always hold a very special place in my journey.

L.B. Copeland in NYC&G

Very excited to see my friend Louise Copeland named as a rising star in NYC&G Magazine! I have had the pleasure of photographing many of her projects as well as the portrait for the issue. Here is a sampling of her work.

House Beautiful Feature

I am so happy for Sarah Robertson of Studio Dearborn for this feature in House Beautiful Magazine. She is a great designer who works her tail off and I am grateful I have the opportunity to photograph her projects. This kitchen is certainly a stunner and deserves all the hype.

Winter in Stockholm

I have visited a number of times to see my wife’s family, but never in the winter! It was wonderful to experience the Christmas traditions in Sweden (its all about the meatballs and the herring!). Stockholm is a very photogenic city but this time I only had a few hours of daylight to work with. That made for some fun long exposures and snowflakes falling through streetlights. Its not the endless golden hour of summer but its always inspiring to be there.


I was very excited to work with The New York Times and writer Tim McKeough on a story about a beautiful Georgian revival home in Oyster Bay Cove, NY. Originally, I photographed the interiors for the interior designer Andrew Maier. The Times was interested in the story of the home, and the feature appeared in the July 7 edition of the Real Estate section. Here is a link to the story:

California Coziness

As we head into 2019, I want to share one of my favorite projects I shot last year.  The architect Ken Linsteadt and the interior designer L.B. Copeland combined to make this home the picture of family comfort.  I love the calmness of the color palette and all the spots to fall into a big cushy chair.  The architecture allows a connection with the outdoors through huge pocket doors in the dining and living areas.  I loved trying to capture the idea of a breeze blowing through an open window and I hope the photos convey that sense of serenity.

Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

I am really proud of the work I did with BHDM Design to photograph the Shoreline Hotel in Waikiki.  I spent a week at the beach (mainly working!) to get these images which were brilliantly art directed by Dan Mazzarini.  I really need to thank him and his team for all their tireless work.   The photos were published in the June issue of Interior Design Magazine and also were picked up by Domino and Clever.  And here is a link to the fantastic website developed by the hotel:

Hector Capponi in NYC&G

So happy for Hector Capponi and his Rising Star feature in NYC&G.  I have been working with Hector for a couple of years and can testify to his talent and hard work.  I am really proud to have shot the photos for this piece and am especially excited for the day when we can publish a full project!