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Adam Kane Macchia, born in 1979, grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2002 with a degree in philosophy. In 2008, Adam graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. His passion for photography began in High School, led by Barbara Korein and Ruddy Havill, two great teachers who fostered creativity.  It continued through traveling in Central and South America culminating in a documentary film about workers and their relationship to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Later, through working with C. Taylor Crothers, Adam continued a love for images of cities by exploring the landscape of New York.  And with the addition of photographing beautifully designed interiors, Adam feels he has discovered the sweet spot for his photographic eye. Adam has worked with some great clients, including:  The New York Times, Luxe Interiors, Interior Design Magazine, Westchester Magazine, The Bowery Presents, The Crown Restaurant Group, The Carlton Hotel, Superfly Presents, Hilton Hotels, The Garden City Hotel, Brooklyn Bowl


Please send me a message using the contact form below. If you prefer to email me directly, I can be reached at macchiaphotography(at)  You can also find me on Instagram @macchiaphoto.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Old Westbury Gardens

I love going into these preserved mansions on the North shore of Long Island and soaking in the interiors.  This one is full of rich wood tones and lovely patterned wallpaper.  The gardens are great to stroll around in as well.

Summer in Sweden

Every couple of years my wife goes home to her home country of Sweden and I am lucky enough to tag along.  Its not really a tourist experience as much as it is a chance for her to see family and friends.  Even so, I have a camera with me wherever we go because for me there is novelty and great light.  These shots were taken while we walked around in the neighborhood or took short hikes in the woods.  There is one museum trip thrown in, a sculptor’s old studio that I made us go see!  Anyway, these are the things that caught my eye and somehow seemed to fit together into a gallery at the end.  Thanks for taking a look!


Old Tudor Charm

I really enjoyed photographing this old home in Great Neck, NY for a realtor.  It has been lived in by the same family for 45 years.  I love trying to capture the individual charm of the place.  And if you are interested in the home – check out the listing:,-Great-Neck,-NY-11020_rb/

Snow days 2017

There have only been a couple of snow days this year in the New York area, but I was happy to get some snowy NYC images along the way.   When photographing architecture and real estate we generally don’t choose bad weather days to shoot, so it was nice to see a different perspective on the city landscape.  Thanks for taking a look!

Hudson Yards

Recently I spent some time taking in all the amazing activity at Hudson Yards.  It feels like a museum of modern construction.  The site is more open to the passer by than the World Trade Center area was during its construction phase.  There is also the highline that gives an undisturbed view of everything going on.  I know one day this place will be a gleaming addition to the city but for now, its layers of construction, finished and in-progress, make for a wild urban landscape.

Dream Kitchen

Here is a fantastic kitchen designed by Sarah Robertson of Studio Dearborn.  It was recently featured in Westchester Magazine and they do a great job of explaining all the intricacies that make Sarah’s work stand out.  You can read the article here and check out some of the photos below.

Model Homes in Brooklyn

BHDM design created 3 completely distinct model apartments at a new building in Brooklyn opening this fall.  I had the pleasure of photographing them and am happy to share some of the results.

A stroll around Brooklyn

Here are some recent images from a quick tour of the Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Fort Greene neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  There are so many ways to make these places look great and the goal here was to do just that.  The client builds websites showcasing the best parts of a neighborhood for perspective homeowners.  Of course, these places are well known as some of the hottest real estate markets in NYC, but I still enjoyed the chance to show why.

Victorian Boston

In the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, my cousin Mary DiCicco and her family moved into an old Victorian home originally built in 1905.  This was back in 2000, when I was still a college student in Boston and I have loved visiting Mary, her husband Mark and their sons Oliver and Julius ever since.  Mary is an artist with a great eye for interior decoration and fantastic style choices.  So after they completed an exterior renovation last year, I thought it would be a perfect chance to photograph the house.  With Mary’s help I think we were able to capture at least some of the character of this amazing home.

Calatrava in NYC

Santiago Calatrava’s transportation hub at the World Trade Center has been scrutinized and critiqued from many angles.  I needed to check it out for myself and I can tell you that it is easy to be awed by the massive white interior with its arching ceiling of steel and glass.  For better or worse, NYC has a major new landmark and it will be interesting to see how our feelings change toward it over the years.